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What we do

We offer three services:

  • Developing music AI products (R&D and productisation);
  • Devising a music AI / product strategy;
  • Providing music AI training, mentoring, and leadership to your team.

We’re primarily focused on music tech companies, but all businesses with a focus on audio (e.g., voice, sound) can benefit.

If you need to hire music AI talent or create a music AI team from scratch, please check out our dedicated service The Sound of AI Recruitment.

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Why The Sound of AI Consulting

Music AI focus

We leave and breathe music AI. We’ve created the largest YouTube channel on music AI and the largest music AI online community. We plan and lead music AI research projects involving hundreds of researchers.

Industry leaders

We have 15 years of experience in music AI as researchers, consultants, and employees. We’ve consulted (music) tech companies of all sizes, helping them build their music AI tech stack. We’ve led music AI teams, and founded music tech companies.

Research and productisation

We have extensive expertise both carrying out music AI research, and converting research into reliable products (MLOps) that scale to millions of users.

Turn-key projects

We take care of all the steps of a music AI project from inception to deployment. We research, design, prototype, and productise solutions. If necessary, we hire music AI freelance teams from our talent pool to deliver your projects.

Single consulting session

Sometimes, you are not interested in a prolonged consulting relationship, but need a single touchpoint to clear your doubts about a project or the direction to take.

You may be asking questions such as: "Is my idea feasible?", "What resources should I check out to understand how to do x?", "How many people do I need in the team to build my product?", "What type of audio / AI skills should they have?".

We offer a 1-hour consulting session where we answer all the questions you have regarding your project or strategy.

The price for a session is EUR 600.

If you are interested in booking a consulting session, please send an email to explaining what you need. We will get back to you soon.


For consulting services, we charge an hourly fee of EUR 600. For prolonged projects that involve development, we offer discounts based on the estimated length of the project. We don’t negotiate terms.

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  • Brief project description.
  • What are the problems you are facing at the moment?
  • How do you think we can help?

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