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The Sound of AI is the largest hub for people active at the crossroads of AI, music, voice, and audio. It’s an AI music ecosystem made up of many tracks:

Who's it for?

Engineers, researchers, and students can benefit by the music AI knowledge we share in our YouTube channel and Academy, research activities, and hackathons. They can also join our community to connect with like-minded people and grow their skills in a supportive environemtn.

Companies interested in audio / music AI, can take advantage of our recruitment and consulting services.

The founder

Valerio Velardo founded The Sound of AI in 2019. Everything started with the YouTube channel, where he shares his knowledge of AI music. As the project got traction, he gradually added different tracks to the ecosystem.

Valerio has spent the last 15 years working at the crossroads of AI, music, and audio. He worked as a consultant, senior data scientist (Musimap), has built and led music AI teams for numerous tech companies, has led MLOps teams (Utopia Music), carried out research in music AI in and outside university, developed audio AI tech, and founded a Sylicon-valley backed music tech startup focused on generative music (Melodrive).

He's passionate about building audio tech startups and mentoring people.

Valerio holds a PhD in AI music. He has a background as a classical musician, programmer, and scientist.

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